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Since developing our process of restoring dark beams in 1997 throughout the Cotswolds, our family company has grown and gone from strength to strength.


Penny, Nicholas's mother invented the process in 1997 after a client asked if there was anything she could do with the black beams in her 17th century cottage. The local conservation officer would not allow blasting as it was a listed building and chemical/hand stripping was too messy and would have taken too long.


Nicholas took over the family business in 2012 and continues to provide an excellent service, travelling across the country wherever needed.


We mainly work in Grade II and I listed properties all over the country and especially in the Home counties and South East (Kent, Surrey, Sussex, Hamsphire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Herts and Essex).


We have been restoring and renovating beams in numerous small country cottages, farmhouses, wealden Hall houses, barn conversions,  jacobean houses, old Tudor properties and thatched cottages.


Our process is without doubt the kindest and gentlest way to restore oak beams in your property.

We never damage the fabric of the beams and we don't create any mess or dust. The surrounding decor is never damaged (paint or plaster).


This clever finish eradicates the need for stripping or any form of blasting which can greatly damage the wood and will always raise the grain no matter how gentle the blasting.  It can also alter the old patina and fabric of the wood which often contributes to the beauty of the beams.

Our product highlights the natural grain of the wood. All the knots or carpenter marks are brought back to life while we lighten the beams and unifiy them at the same time.


This process works on:

•Gloss painted beams

•Matte beams

•Varnished beams

•Fire damaged timber

•Mismatched wood

•Pine and other soft woods

We also offer three main finishes which are:

Warm Oak














Aged Oak













Weathered Grey:











Our process bonds onto the existing surface of the wood, highlighting the natural grain therefore bringing attention to natural knots, carpenters marks and natural character of the wood. With this system you have the choice of three different finishes as listed above.


Our specially trained craftsmen work diligently to the highest of standards to ensure that all of our clients both private and commercial receive the highest quality service. We endeavour to be polite, professional and efficient.

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We also offer our service in France in both English and French having much experience in our field we are able to provide a firm quote by email.


In order to obtain a quote for restoring beams, please send us an email with the address of the property,  photographs showing as much of each room as possible with room dimensions detailing the width, length and possibly the height of each room please.


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"Having developed this unique system ourselves, we  take great pride in the quality of our workmanship and our attention to detail."


Nicholas Sinclair, co-founder of Back From Black Beam Renovation Ltd.

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