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By nick740, May 1 2016 08:04PM

I recently visited one of my clients in West Sussex and I thought I would share some of the pictures I took that day.

Our clients bought their beautiful timber framed house in the summer of 2014. There was a quite a few things they were keen to do to the house however the first thing that our clients wanted to tackle was the beams. She really thought it would transform the house and lighten it. She also thought it would give her home a real sense of warmth as well as modernising the rooms in a sympathetic way.

In November 2014, we did all the beams in their 6 bedrooms farmhouse. Our clients were delighted and the house was definitively beautifully transformed. Since then, we have been doing many of their's friends which we are very grateful for and we are always delighted to hear that our clients are happy to recommend us.

I was amazed by how nice our clients have transformed their home from new carpets to beautiful colours on the walls, new kitchen, all this complimented by the light beams.

By nick740, Jan 8 2016 10:53PM

Hello there,

We have recently lightened up the beams at a newly refurbished 16th century pub called the Grantley Arms in Wonersh, near Guildford, Surrey.

The pub has been nicely refurbished and the food is apparently a delish from the chef Matt Edmonds.

Please don't hesitate to have a look at our work and perhaps enjoy a pint and some food.

Their website is :

I hope it will give you some inspirations for your beams.


By nick740, Jan 7 2016 02:15PM

Hello there,

As it seems to be the era for blog and news feed, I thought we should have our own and try to keep you updated with recent news, recent projects as well as tips for interiors and beautiful things.

We see so many different interiors, ideas and colours schemes so I thought I will try to share it with you

Best wishes,