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Case Studies - Beam Renovation Project & Beam Restoration Project

This beautiful thatched cottage situated on the border of Surrey/Berkshire belongs to a lovely lady who didn't like at all this orange dark stain that her builders had put on the doors, stairs and beams.


She was so delighted when her friend told her she has found a company that could renovate beams without mess. The beams, doors and staircase were renovated by our company.

These clients were actually on their way to look at another property with an estate agent when Philippa caught her first glimpse of the beautiful 15th century brick and stone farmhouse in Surrey where they now live.


Philippa loves grey, white and natural colour. The beams were painted black in most parts of the house which did not correspond to Philippa’s taste and ideas for her lovely home.


When she spotted our advert in one of the country lifestyle magazines, she called and ask if we could really renovate beams without mess. Having young children, a beautiful furnished and listed property, any form of blasting or stripping was ruled out.


She was not only relieved we could actually offer this service but also intrigued that we could bespoke the oak finish.

To complement her taste and ideas, we invented this new grey finish, now available to all of our clients. it is a grey oak finish, also called weathered timber grey which we now call Pipa Grey. We started the project in Spring 2013 and finished the remaining rooms in Winter 2014.

This beautiful property situated on the outskirts of Lewes, W. Sussex possesses very well appointed rooms.

However, the black beams were dark and oppressive and made the rooms feel smaller than they actually were. The clients were really happy and ask her to come back this autumn to do the upstairs rooms.



This old coach house in Kent was beautifully decorated by her actual owner. They were delighted by the result of our work and we were very pleased to hear that it was the best thing they've ever done to their lovely house. She was so impressed with the work, she kindly organise a feature in 25 beautiful Homes to spread the word about our work and process.

15th Century Farmhouse - near Oxted, Surrey.

17th Century detached house - North Kent.

17th Century detached property - Lewes, Sussex.

Thatched Cottage (formely three cottages) - border Surrey/Berkshire.

Manor house, near Gatwick, Surrey.

This beautiful medieval manor house was bought in 2013 by our clients after renting it for two years.

As much as they loved the place, they found it very dark and oppressive.

Beign recommended by an architect, we were commissioned to renovate all the beams in this property. Once the beams were renovated by our services, it brightened up all the rooms and it helped to combine modernity with character.



17th Century, Farmhouse - Near Lindfield, W. Sussex

This property was purchased in 2013 by our customers. They fell in love with this countryside farmhouse well located but they had to think twice before buying it as the beams were black or stained and made the rooms very dark.

They thought they could not do much with them as any form of blasting was not a viable option for them living in the property until they found us on google.

The beams, once renovated by our services, brought a really sense of warmth and light to each and every rooms of the building.

In June 2015, I went to visit my clients as she has been spreading the words to many of her friends around the Sussex area and the beams were immaculate, blend in perfectly with her modern furniture and new fitted Kitchen,