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Sussex Cottage - Petworth, W. Sussex

The owners of this cottage purchased the property recently. They love their cottage and the fact that it retains many of the old features.

However, the owner thought that the blackness of the beams, wood panels, doors, staircases and windows were too oppressive and did not correspond with their taste in decor. Their builder once described it "as living in a cave or an old pub".  


They contacted us in order to brighten the whole house which we did by lightening the beams, doors, windows, staircases, wood panelling and even the outside porch ! They could not believe the impact it made to their beautiful property.

Typical Yorshire Stone house - Huddersfield, Yorkshire

This yorkshire property had black floorboards and ceiling beams in both main rooms.


Our clients wanted to match in their floorboards and beams in a lighter oak colour. After the renovation of the beams and floorboards, the rooms were a lot warmer and brighter and it really revived ll the oak in this property.

Heavily timbered period property - Cambridgeshire

Please see below for examples of beam renovation in the UK and beam restoration in the UK that we have completed.

Our clients got in touch with us while purchasing the property. Once moved in, they commissioned us to do the work in their fully furnished house. The beams were stained dark and the clients wanted them to be lightened as well all unified throughout the house.

She was very happy with the work and has recommended us to her friends since the work was completed.

Sussex Flint cottage

We completed this project in April 2016. Our clients were recommended by a previous client and his builder.

Our clients only moved few months ago but they were very keen to lighten all the beams in their beautiful listed home.

Once the beams were done, their conservation architect inspected them and he had nothing but compliments for us and our services. I believe this is the first time our beams were "smelt" to confirm that no chemicals were used. He was amazed by how we have managed to highlight all the natural grain and character of the old beams.