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Recent projects

Please find below the before and after pictures of several of our projects we have worked on during 2015.


We've worked on many projects from small cottages to large country houses as well as manor and hall houses.

Our projects were mainly in the South East : Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire, Kent and in the home counties : Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Wiltshire, Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire and Essex.


We work nationwide


One of our largest project was completed this summer with nearly 5000 square feet of beams. This large timber-framed house in Surrey was very heavily beamed.

Our clients were delighted to have found a company that could not only lighten their home but they were also able to choose the finish that will reflect their personal taste and decor all this with absolutely no mess. The house was dramatically transformed after our work and the clients were very impressed and pleased on how light or warmer the house was afterwards. (pictures 4th - 8th row).


We have also worked in a converted chapel as well as an amazing medieval hall house in Essex under the inspection of the Conservation Officer.  This building has seen very few changes over the last 500 hundred years and can still show the unconverted large Hall room which was very impressive as usually most Hall houses have been converted over the years to accommodate bedrooms on the first floor. (first pictures).


See our work in the Kingspan's show home Potton show homes in Cambridgeshire and  they were delighted they could finally lightened up their timber framed house.


One of our happy clients has succesfully renovated his beautiful farmhouse in Hampshire and kindly organise a feature about his house to spread the words about our work and process. The photoshoot took place in August 2015. We where all very excited to see our work featured in Country homes and interiors.


If you are interested in having your beams lightened like the one featured below, please don't hesitate to get in touch in order to get a quote from us, we look forward to hearing from you and would be very happy to assist you.


Pictures updated in January 2016.